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Tony Paul was a world-renowned industrial designer for nearly 60 years. Beginning in the late 1940s, Tony applied his artistic talents  typical items people would encounter in their household. Most notably, he is known for furniture, kitchenware, and lighting designs. In fact, Tony's self-proclaimed niche in lighting design endured for more than 30 years.
A native native New Yorker, Tony was born and raised in the boroughs of New York City. He continued to reside in the New York City Metropolitan area for his entire life.
Tony began his career in New York City, attending the prestigious Pratt Institute.  Early in his career he designed for and was employed by Robert Barber, Inc., in addition to Angelo Bisenz Associates, where he participated in early ergonomic design.  During this early period of his career, Tony became friends and colleagues with the likes of Ben Seibel and Arthur Umanoff.  Tony's pursuits also led him overseas, where his skill and talent influenced furniture and lamp designs in Italy and Spain for many years.
Tony was affiliated with many premier mid-century modern designers during his career; early on Tony worked with Russel Wright, Paul McCobb, Ben Seibel and many others. His designs were distributed by Richards-Morganthau (also known as Raymor), Mario Industries, Mutual-Sunset, Majestic Lamp, Elk Lighting, Westwood, Robert Barber, Woodlin-Hall, The Elton Company,  Avon Upholstery Company, Verplex, The Gailstyn Company,  Brueton, Gilley Glass, Spanish Arts, Levco, Bitossi, Intercontinental, and others.  Later in his career, Tony started his own venture, Tony Paul & Associates, where he designed for various companies, including some he had previously been affiliated.
For decades Tony's designs were featured in newspapers and magazines throughout the world, including House & Garden, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The Christian Science Monitor, and Home Furnishings Daily. He was also spotlighted in books Furniture for Modern Interiors by Mario Del Fabbro and Chairs by George Nelson. Tony also won multiple awards for designs, including the New York Museum of Modern Art's Good Design award.
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